"The Top 10 Reasons People Cannot Lose Weight"
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Dear Interested Weight Loss Reader,
    It is easy to see why people struggle to lose weight as there is so much confusion as to what is right. One day we read in the papers it is good to eat chocolate and the next it is bad! There are literally thousands of different diet books all claiming to be the one and only way to lose weight.  The standard approach from 95% of the Health & Fitness industry and also the medical community is to simply exercise more and eat less! I can tell you now, that while this may work for some who need to lose 3-4kg and get fit, it WILL NOT WORK for the person who has had weight issues all their life or someone who needs to lose more than 10kg. What I will show you in this report is that many of these programs miss the mark because they are ignoring some of the most important factors.

     So take the time to read this report and begin to make some of the changes I suggest and I am positive you will see significant changes immediately. Everything is clearly outlined in the Special Report you can download immediately, without cost or obligation. It's my gift to you.  Included in the report is my contact information and a special gift certificate for an in-person consultation and health assessment...just in case you want even more help.

     If you have any questions, or would like help with your health plan right away, just give me a call at 0408 525 564.  


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  • Why most health & fitness programs fail
  • The Top 10 Reasons
  • Stress - Is too much stress making you fat
  • Hormones - Thyroid, Estrogen, Testosterone
  • Sleep - Are you getting enough
  • Exercise - You MUST add muscle
  • Why Sitting Too Much Causes Weight Gain
  • Eat More Fat To Lose Fat!
  • Fructose - The hidden dangers
  • Sugar & Grains - Must eliminate or reduce
  • Vegetable Juicing - A simple way to get more vitamins
  • Water - As important as breathing